Why Choose Family Child Care?
  • Your child receives individual attention.
  • There is structure with more flexibility than in a center.
  • There is less illness because there are fewer people in and out, which means fewer germs are spread to your child.
  • Your child is cared for and taught by a trained child care professional.
  • Children have an opportunity to play and learn with others in a much a smaller group than in a center.
  • Your child has the same caregiver all day every day, and there is one person who knows exactly what your child has done, eaten, etc. throughout the day.
  • It is possible for your child to remain with the same provider from infancy up to or through school age.

Because The First Years Last Forever!


This Site is for you to view Pictures of Miss Crystals Playhouse!!!

Miss Crystals Playhouse

 Opened for appointments everyday 8-8 you must make one by emailing


contact me by email with your name and phone number and I will call you back to setup an appointment Thanks

** I am opened 6 AM-6 PM
** However some nights and weekends is okay even overnight as long as we have discussed time and date to make sure its okay
** reasonably priced (cheapest in town)
** I won't sit your child in front of the television
** Free play & educational games
** Circle Time
** Music Time
** Reading
** Arts and Crafts
** Learning projects
** Playdough,Painting,Coloring,Shaving Cream Projects, Etc.
** Out Side Play
** Even field trips
** I have references if you need them

The Daycare Provider

Although you're not their mother, You care for them each day. You cuddle, sing, and read to them, And watch them as they play. You see each new accomplishment,You help them grow and learn, You understand their language,And you listen with concern. They come to you for comfort,And you kiss away their tears. They proudly show their work yo you You give the loudest cheers! No, you are not their mothers,But your role is just as strong. You nurture them and keep them safe, Though maybe not for long- You know someday the time may come, When you will have to part, But you know each child you cared for Is forever in your heart!!!!!!!!!!

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