I like to meet with you to discuss Prices I dont like telling them over phone or by email Thanks

You can  make an appointment by emailing me misscrystalsplayhouse_pensacolafl@hotmail.com   Thanks 

What does tuition cover?

Dependability & Unconditional love and nurturing of your child - priceless

Family environment: small ratio of adult per child, family atmosphere

Mother Goose Time Preschool Program-a joyful start to learning!

Craft supplies: crayons, tape, glue, scissors, markers, paper, pipe cleaners, foamies, etc.

Nutritious meals and snacks 

Training for provider: CPR Recertification, Child Care Conferences, nutrition classes, daycare safety, etc.

An extra dishwasher load for daily sanitation of toys put in mouths of babes

Utilities: electricity, heat, water, garbage, gas, telephone

Car: Gas and wear and tear from grocery & supply shopping, library runs.

Furniture: wear and tear, cleaning, replacing, repairing rips or tears.

Cleaning supplies: for mopping the floor, doing dishes, vacuum bags and disinfectant cleaners

And the list goes on...


I have openings for infants, toddlers or school age children

However if I charge $115 for a week for example I charge less than an average sitter that is only $2.30 per hour most baby sitters charge $5 to $10 dollars an hour


Little children come to me for hugs and books and such.  I care

for all their special needs and also fix them lunch.

I pick up toys, mop up spills, and often dry their tears.

I change their diapers, settle fights and kiss away their fears.

I tie their shoes, button coats and push them on the swing.

I really love these kids, you see, but there is just one thing.

Call me Mom or Aunt or Teacher or other names that fit,

But please don't call me the "sitter", because I never get to sit!


 my prices are low (cheapest in town)

I try to help out moms and dads and get a price to fit their budget I am willing to work with you




 Breakfast , Lunch and two snacks are inculded in price
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